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About Us 

Professional CCTV Manufacturer

Shenzhen CG Electronics Co. Ltd makes great effort to the research, design, manufacture and marketing of CCTV products. Owing to over a decade's continuous effort, our factory has four auto high-speed SMT production lines with an output of 60,000 units per month. Clients in the US , Germany , the UK and Italy are benefiting from our quality products. After several years of development, we now have two subsidiaries:



Main Products of CCTV Cameras: Security cameras, IR waterproof all-in-one cameras, Waterproof bullet cameras, PCB Cameras, IP cameras, miniature cameras, PTZ cameras, zoom cameras, and high-speed cameras.

Main Products of Hidden Cameras: Pen Cameras, MP3 Sunglasses Cameras, Watch Cameras, Voice Activation Mini DV, Motion Detection Mini DV, Car Keychain Cameras, Gum Cameras, Portable Flashlight Night Vision Mini DV, Covert Clip Cameras, Tie Cameras, Calculator Hidden Cameras, Hidden Belt Buckle Cameras, Voice Activation Hidden Lighter Cameras, Motion Detection Digital Clock Hidden Cameras, Motion Detection Table Clock Cameras, Digital Bag Cameras, Induction of Human Hidden Cameras. Most of our products have been safely tested by CE and FCC certificates.

We keep an eye on the domestic market and extend our business to the world market with the promotion of OEM and ODM services. Lead time can be short as 3-5 days. To learn more about us, call us today.

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Official Website: http://www.cg-electronics.com             
Official Online Chat: MSN: cg-cctv@hotmail.com      cg-electronics@hotmail.com      Skype: cg-cctv    cg-electronics

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